"A leader in construction of electrical tubular heating elements"

 The Company EL WATT is a leader constructor company of  heating elements for electric-solar water heaters and boilers in the Greek market. 

 The rigorous selection of raw materials, the highly trained human resources, our expertise,and our high technological equipment in our modern industrial complex,  ensure the quality of our products and make us among the top quality manufacturers in Europe.

 Our products are certified and comply fully and strictly with the requirements of the European Union. 

"High quality ,effective products at the best prices"

The combination between the prices of our products and their quality is unique and makes us the perfect choice in the Greek market and in many foreign countries.

Our goal is to continue to supply our customers with high quality ,effective and reliable products at the best prices.

We guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of products and service.


 Construction of Electrical Tubular Heating Element in Watt, shapes, welded in bases according to clients needs.

Special Construction for Business and Industrial Use.


Certified magnesium anodes in various lengths and metallic threads depending on the customer's needs.


Thermostats, , Lamps, Thermometers, Valves.